Kwentuhan Buddy

Yung stressed at frustrated ka tapos lalapit sayo yung “Kwentuhan Buddy” mo tapos magsisimula ng conversation about Israel vs Gaza… Ottoman Empire… Diaspora… Iron dome… hanggang sa napunta kay Abraham.. Sarah… Hagar… Isaac… Ishmael…
As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend -Prov27:17 


Follow me, as I follow Christ 071214

Sabi nila, kung sino daw ang idol mo, nagiging kamukha mo… Kaya ikaw na ang humula kung sino ang idol ng katabi mo… *grin*” One of the youth reacted, “Si Vice Ganda po ang idol niya!” —- Do you have someone –an idol, a hero, may it be an actress, an actor, basketball player, singer or comedian that you fancy to copy? –this question is related cohesive to the concept: “Whom you admire you basically copy”. Do you think there’s someone out there admiring [you] to the point of wanting to mimic you? And if the answer would be YES, how would you feel? Frankly, whether we like it or not, someone is copying us. We don’t have to instruct people to copy us because they –your children, your family members, your friends, your officemates, and co-workers— are by now copying you. It has been scientifically noted that human beings often mimic or imitate others unconsciously. Mirror Neuron System and Chameleon Effect prop up this verity. Whether you like it or not, they are copying you. And if they are copying you, unmindful whether consciously or unconsciously, what are they copying? Copy Me as I Copy Jesus This world is not looking for a perfect Christian but for a genuine Christian to whom confession and forgiveness is a culture. This does not mean that we are being conceited, self-righteous, and swollen with pride. This is a declaration of our total and all-out reliance and admiration for Christ. Whether we like it or not, we, standing on the grounds of our identity in Christ are being copied, observed by the people around us. We ought to be cautious so that our actions would not cause other people (believer or unbeliever) to trip up and falter from their existing nor just-about-to-begin relationship with the Lord. Jesus is expecting us to be the light of this world. It is His earnest desire to shed light on us so that His glory and radiance may be reflected in our lives. (Matt. 5:14-16) Your modeling is everything, my friend. C’mon! Follow me, as I follow Jesus. “Sir! What you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear a word you are saying…” – Samuel Johnson References:

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I feel challenged to become a better version of me.
I want to level myself up for Him and for him.
I want to be a gift to my future husband. (Prov 19:14)
I pray that God will give me a loving, faithful and God-fearing

For now, I will rest upon God’s promises and
assurance of a good future. I am leaving all my requests,
worries to God and let Him unfold my love story and let Him
handle life’s uncertainties.

(My thoughts while preparing stuff for tomorrow’s youth
activity. TRUE LOVE WAITS here we go again!)

Your Name Brings Healing to Me

Yesterday was a pretty rocky day for me. I experienced a sudden drop of Blood Pressure, upper and lower abdominal pain, rashes on my legs and arms, and fatigued-feeling body.

The doctor herself, doubted the accuracy of the lab exam’s positive results because [accdg to her] I’m looking super pale and yellowish . And so, she instructed my momo to bring me upstairs and get another round of diagnosis.

I am feeling really terrible and dizzy. I can’t walk if not accompanied by my super mom plus my lower abdomen started to get really painful.

At the ultrasound room: Feeling dizzy and all the pain, I rested upon the clinic’s bed and I… I like the bed sheet. hehe.

A girl (a doctor or med technologist. I think. I just called her ‘Ate’ sa sobrang hilo ko) started to perform the ultrasonographic examination. I was comforted by God as I hear worship songs playing one after the other on her phone.

She said, “Okay naman ang organs mo.. pero bakit namimilipit ka sa sakit.”

After the test, she prayed and rebuked the sickness that was afflicting me that very moment.

Indeed, PRAYER REALLY WORKS as I felt the gradual relief right after she prayed for me.

To cut the long story short, I got home with handful of antihistamines, antibiotics and vitamins but with the assurance that my inner organs are all well-functioning and Im negative to Dengue. I slept and woke up feeling so well-rested like never before.

Around 9pm the same day, I looked for the printed result to see if there’s any contact number included there, wanting to thank ‘Ate’ thru text for her kindness and concern…


It’s inspiring to see that the verse that I have been pondering [way back then] during my most downcast times at work is printed on it. A quick reminder from God to revive the same attitude towards work -to be a blessing wherever I am, whenever I could.

God is so amazing. He is seriously at work for the goodness of His beloved people.

Thank You Lord for showing me that You are always in control; that You are forever above any unlikely circumstances.